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A digital leap: Dr. Nazila Doroodian's transformation journey with California Dental Arts



Dr. Nazila Doroodian runs a boutique dental practice in Atherton, California, where she focuses on cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, including Invisalign. She aims to provide a personalized and comfortable patient experience, which is reflected in her practice's 'woman's touch.' She values high-quality dental work and the ability to comprehensively answer her patients' questions. To upgrade her practice and stay ahead in the competitive Silicon Valley, she felt the need to incorporate new technology into her practice but was apprehensive about the risks and learning curve associated with this transition.


Despite her desire to modernize her practice, Dr. Doroodian was hesitant to take on the risks associated with adopting new technology. This reluctance was compounded by her concern about transitioning from traditional PVS impression taking and maintaining the high-quality, patient-centric services her practice was known for. These pressures made it difficult for her to decide on the best course of action for incorporating advanced intraoral scanning technology into her practice.


The partnership with California Dental Arts offered Dr. Doroodian an ideal solution. The CDA Connect program allowed her to transition into the digital era without shouldering all the associated risks. The support and genuine interest of the CDA team in the success of her practice convinced her to join the program.


Upon implementation, the program's excellent setup and continued support made the learning curve manageable. The new technology, specifically the intraoral scanner, significantly improved the practice's efficiency, leading to shorter chair times for patients. The digital scans produced high-quality crowns that needed little to no adjustments, enhancing patient comfort and experience.

Patients reacted positively to the digital transformation. They found the technology impressive and appreciated its benefits, especially those with strong gag reflexes who found the scanner more comfortable than traditional methods. The technology also served as a conversation starter, allowing Dr. Doroodian to further engage her patients and explain her work.

Dr. Doroodian is pleased with the outcomes of her decision to go digital. She attests to the improved crown fitting and is now eager to explore more possibilities with the technology, including working with implants and removable prosthetics. She advocates for the adoption of digital technology in dental practices and appreciates the support provided by California Dental Arts.

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