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We're not just providing tools and technology, we're investing in your practice. Our goal is to ensure a seamless integration of digital scanning into your everyday routine.


Equipment Prep

The setup process for intraoral scanning - including creating an iTero account and sourcing a precise computer system - can be daunting and time-consuming for dental professionals. Where traditional scanner companies often leave gaps, we fill them. We handle the complex iTero account setup, linking systems, and aligning settings for seamless integration. We also navigate the tech maze to source a computer perfectly tailored to your scanning needs. When your equipment arrives, you're all set to simply turn it on and start scanning. With us, the complex becomes simple, letting you focus on what truly matters - your practice.


Install and Training

Installation day is a big step, but with us by your side, it's a breeze. What sets us apart is our commitment to training. We don't just drop off equipment and leave you to figure it out. On the very day your scanner arrives, we offer a hands-on, 60-minute Level 1 training session - GP Basics. Led by our experienced trainers, this session provides an immersive introduction to full-arch scanning and restorative prep scanning, ensuring your team is ready to take on digital dentistry from day one.


Ongoing Support

Our support doesn't end when we walk out of your office doors. California Dental Arts is your partner throughout your digital dentistry journey. In the event of staff turnover or a need for refresher training, our ongoing support ensures your practice never misses a beat. From equipment troubleshooting to advanced training and retraining sessions, we've got you covered. We offer unlimited support and training during the duration of the program, ensuring you're always equipped to deliver the best dental care. With California Dental Arts, you're never alone in your journey towards digital transformation.

CDA was already my preferred dental lab when I was approached about joining CDA connect. At the time, I was already weighing the pros and cons of going digital. They made up my mind for me. It ended up being a great decision. Abraham and Alex were a pleasure to work with. They truly made the transition seamless. The scanner has been a boon to my workflow, speeding up our delivery times significantly, and I cannot stress enough the high quality of CDA's work. I highly recommend this program.
Lam Nguyen, DDS
I was looking into digital scanning and a good lab which integrated well with it. CDA was recommended by fellow dentists and I tried them out and was very happy with the results. The crowns fit beautifully after scanning with ITero. The support is amazing and everyone is super helpful in getting the best possible treatment outcome for the patient. I was also looking for a lab that does fixed and removable cases and I am very happy with CDA.
Dr. Puneet Sandhu
Los Altos Dentistry
Working with the CDA Connect program, and with Abe, Alex, and Lan has been a pleasure. Alex started us in the program and Abe has guided us at each step of the transition process. We feel confident in working with Lan with any implant restorations and value his experience in working with even the most challenging implant cases. We very much appreciate California Dental Arts and their ability to meet all of our dental laboratory needs.
Dr. Stanley Sun

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