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A digital leap: Dr. Jamie Paychev's transformation journey with California Dental Arts



Dr. Jamie Paychev runs a dental practice in Menlo Park, equipped with six chairs and staffed by herself and a few assistants. Serving a predominantly well-educated and aging population, she aims to provide the highest level of dental care to her patients. However, the journey to achieving this was fraught with financial constraints and challenges related to managing lab relationships and upgrading to digital technology.


Initially, Dr. Paychev's relationship with her lab was impersonal and inconsistent, leading to challenges in efficient practice management. She would be connected to a different individual each time she contacted the lab, which led to a lack of personal touch and continuity in her interactions. Additionally, Dr. Paychev sought to integrate digital technology into her practice but was deterred by the significant costs and complexities of procuring and implementing new systems. The financial considerations involved in starting a new practice made these investments particularly daunting. She was also burdened by lab fees and was looking for an opportunity to streamline her expenditures while achieving her digital goals.


California Dental Arts offered an ideal solution to Dr. Paychev's problems through their CDA Connect program. This program provided a platform that integrated lab work and digital capabilities, offering a more personalized and consistent lab relationship. It not only addressed her financial concerns but also facilitated a seamless and affordable transition to a digital setup. The lab work, as per Dr. Paychev's experience, was of high quality, and the digital tools were intuitive to use once the initial learning curve was overcome.


The CDA Connect program also facilitated more autonomy for her assistants, freeing up Dr. Paychev's time and allowing for a more team-centric approach to case management. This collaborative approach led to detailed and accurate planning and implementation of treatments, such as determining implant placement and restorative outcomes. The improved efficiency and personal touch provided by CDA Connect was unique, as per Dr. Paychev, something she had not experienced with any other lab.

In terms of patient satisfaction, the transition to digital technology was well-received. Her patients appreciated learning about the technology and felt more confident in her services. Dr. Paychev's experience with CDA Connect was overwhelmingly positive, and she urged other practitioners considering going digital to take the plunge, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness and high-quality lab work provided by the program.

Ultimately, with the help of CDA Connect, Dr. Paychev accomplished her goal of going digital much earlier than she had anticipated. This move not only improved her practice's operations but also brought about rapid staff training, high patient satisfaction, and faster case resolution. The transition to digital technology, facilitated by California Dental Arts, laid a solid foundation for the success of her practice.

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