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A digital leap: Dr. Robert Yee's transformation journey with California Dental Arts



Dr. Robert Yee is a practitioner in Sunnyvale who took over his family-oriented dental practice in 2021. The practice has been running since the 1960s, and Dr. Yee was a patient at the practice since he was five years old. Prior to joining the CDA Connect program, Dr. Yee had been researching dental scanning technology, considering how to best implement it in his practice. He was interested in upgrading his practice but had concerns about the associated challenges and logistics.


Dr. Yee was initially hesitant about adopting digital scanning technology due to concerns about setting up the equipment, the learning curve for him and his staff, and possible disruptions to the workflow. He was also worried about possible issues that might arise after the installation and whether he'd receive adequate support to address these. Furthermore, Dr. Yee had to consider whether the time spent on scanning would be greater than that spent on traditional methods like taking impressions and bite registrations.


The CDA Connect program was the answer to Dr. Yee's concerns. It provided  the ongoing training and support system that was a decisive factor for him. The promise of swift, direct help if something went wrong convinced Dr. Yee to join the program.


The transition to the digital system was seamless, even for his assistant who had no previous experience with scanning. Dr. Yee found that the partnership with CDA gave him an active role in the process, and he could track the progress of his work. The level of involvement and direct communication he experienced with CDA made the partnership feel more intimate.

Dr. Yee views his collaboration with CDA as a mutually beneficial partnership rather than just a transaction. He appreciates that CDA invested in his practice as he invested in them. His staff love the new iTero system because it simplifies their work, and his patients appreciate the comfort of not having to deal with traditional impression materials.

Dr. Yee recommends other dentists who are contemplating going digital to join CDA Connect. He advises them to learn from those who have already made the transition and take the leap of faith, as it has been an extremely positive experience for him.

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